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Index of our magazine


This index covers issues of the Society’s Newsletter and PLACE from 2004 to 2020. Search by subject and author if known. Two popular features are listed alphabetically here.

Hereford Now

the latest new or refurbished building completed

in Hereford have been featured every quarter.


The latest new or refurbished building completed

in Hereford have been featured every quarter.


Alban House                                  Winter 2019/20

ASDA Service station                          Spring 2017

Aylestone Rise                                  Autumn 2014

Brummie Stokes Court                        Spring 2019

City Link Road                               Winter 2017/18

Connect Two Bridge                           Winter 2014

Devereux House                               Autumn 2013

Fryer’s House at Friars’ Gate         Winter 2016/17

Gwynne Gate                                   Summer 2016

Hereford Art College                           Winter 2012

Hereford Technical College               Autumn 2011

Herefordshire Archive/Records        Summer 2015

Holme Lacy College workshop           Spring 2016

Merton Court                                       Spring 2013

NMiTE container at Shire Hall       Winter 2018/19

Packers House                                Summer 2018

Plough Lane Council offices               Winter 2015

Premier Inn                                       Autumn 2019

Radford Gardens                                Spring 2015

Ross Road Flats                              Summer 2014

St.Peter’s re-ordering                      Summer 2012

St.John’s Court                                Summer 2019

Sea Cadets’ new hall                        Autumn 2012

Shed in a field                                Winter 2015/16

Station temporary foot bridge             Spring 2014

Station new lifts and bridge               Autumn 2015

Sophie House                                     Winter 2103

Southbank Road new house             Autumn 2017

The Point, Aylestone Hill                     Winter 2011

Trevenant Court, Newton Farm        Autumn 2018

TRP at Rotherwas                            Summer 2011

Tirana plaza                                     Summer 2017

University temporary studio           Winter 2018/19

Wayfinding sign posts                         Spring 2018

William Grange                                   Spring 2019

Yazor Brook Outflow                           Spring 2012


Amazing Places of Hereford

Every quarter, historian and HCS member David Whitehead, has highlighted some little known gems around Hereford.


Blackfriars Rose Garden                     Spring 2018

Brockington. A Case for                 Winter 2016/17

Bulmer’s Site. An early history         Summer 2013

Canon’s House 3 St John Street   Winter 2018/19

Green Dragon                                     Spring 2019

Hafod Road- Me and My Home        Autumn 2015

Hayward Lodge                                   Spring 2016

Hereford Garden Suburb                  Autumn 2019

Hereford Town Hall                             Winter 2015

Hereford’s Libraires, Story of         Winter 2019/20

Hollywell Gutter Lane                          Winter 2014

Huntingdon                                      Summer 2015

King’s Acre Lime                              Summer 2019

Lower Bullingham                             Autumn 2018

Lower House Farm                           Autumn 2017

Moor House, Widemarsh                    Spring 2015

No3 St John Street, Hereford        Winter 2018/19

Old Market. The                               Summer 2014

Panson Cottage                               Summer 2018

Richmond Place                                Autumn 2013

Rotherwas. Walking to                      Autumn 2014

Rus in Urbe. To the West                    Spring 2013

                   SE to Rotherwas              Winter 2013

                   North to Munstone         Autumn 2012

To the East                                       Summer 2012

Saving a glorious hinterland            Summer 2016

Pre-war housing                                  Spring 2019

Ship Inn. A Requiem for the                Spring 2017

Streams and Mills of Hereford       Winter 2017/18

Working Boys’ Home                          Spring 2014


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