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2021- 2022 Programme



Meeting Programme September 2021 - August 2022


The speaker meeting programme in 2021/22 utilised Zoom digital technology.  Access to meeting recordings is available through our you. Tube account (just click the link):


Wednesday September 8th 2021  

Outing to Berkeley Castle; Dr. Jenner’s House & Museum


Thursday September 16th 2021          

“Inspired by Local Heroes”:  Art exhibition curated by HCS      Member Sue Edwards through a My Place Grant, which HCS assisted Susan in securing.

10.00am – 4.00pm drop-in HCS social event with the ambiance of a “Private Viewing”


Thursday October 21st 2021             

“The People’s Bridge – the campaign to build Hereford’s Victoria Bridge             Speaker:  Rhys Griffiths


Thursday November 18th 2021         

“Hereford Arts College”

Speaker:  Abigail Appleton 


Thursday December 16th 2021           

“Alfred Watkins and Hereford”

Speaker:  David Whitehead                                                                                                                                                                       

Thursday 20th January 2022              

"Dr Henry Graves Bull & 19th Century Hereford” (Dr Bull was one of the founding members of the Woolhope Club)                              

Speaker: Dr Henry Connor


Thursday 17th February 2022            

"Food farming: beef, beer, cider and spuds" 

Speaker: Bill Laws


Thursday 17th March 2022                 

"The City's Mayoral Heritage"  

Speakers: The Right Worshipful 639th Mayor of Hereford Paul Stevens and the Mayor's Officer John Marshall


Thursday 21st April 2022                  

"Mills of Hereford City"          

Speaker: Andy Tatchell


Thursday 19th May 2022                    

"De-coding the Siege of Hereford" 

Speaker: Adrian Harvey


Thursday 16th June 2022                   

“The Hereford Mappa Mundi.  Encyclopaedia of the medieval mind”.                 Speaker: Dr. Rosemary Firman                                                                                                                 

Thursday 21st July 2022                        

“20's Plenty for Us”

Speakers: Rod King (Founder and Campaign Director) and Professor John Whitelegg.


Monday 8th August 2022                  

Stroll along the bank of the River Wye to Warham House where we will enjoy light refreshments before returning.   

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