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Thursday 18th April 2024     

Time: 7.30 - 9.00 pm (refreshments from 7.00pm)

 Location: Kindle Centre (by ASDA)

Philip Hume and Kirsten Lawton- Smith (Mortimer Society)

“The Kings Writ Does Not Run Here:The Welsh Marcher Lordships”


The medieval Marcher Lordships were a region between England and Wales that, politically and administratively, didn't belong fully to either. Within each of the 50 lordships, the Marcher Lord had unique regal-like powers with their own laws, judicial powers, and access to resources and armies. This talk explores the origins and development of the Marcher Lordships in the context of the 200-year struggle for control of Wales, with particular reference to the importance of Hereford and the Marcher Lordships of western Herefordshire.


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David Fowler
Chairman Hereford Civic Society

Mailing address:
Hereford Civic Society
21 Venn's Lane

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