We're a friendly bunch of people with eclectic interests from all walks of life - the 2020 governance team is:

Chairman            David Fowler - 01981 541058   


Treasurer            David Fowler - 01981 541058

Membership       David Fowler - 01981 541058




John Faulkner

City Walls

Jeremy Milln



PLACE Magazine

Advertising and Communications

Chris Bucknell





David Fowler         

Barbara Ferris       

Alan Bucknell        

Jeremy Milln         

Will Frecknall

Marcelle Lloyd Hayes

Ben Nash

Chris Bucknell          



Postal Address:  Stable Cottage, Kingsthorne, Hereford HR2 8AJ

Hereford Civic Society is an independent local charity representing people who care about the city.Registered Charity No 503504

All material is not necessarily the view of the Society, which primarily acts as a forum for discussion around built environment matters, past, present and future.