We're a friendly bunch of people with eclectic interests from all walks of life - the 2022 governance team is:

Committee:    Members of the committee are also under charity law, the charity’s Trustees


David Fowler (Chairman)

Barbara Ferris (Vice Chairman)

Alan Bucknell

Chris Bucknell        

Marcelle Lloyd Hayes

Jeremy Milln         

Ben Nash


         The committee is in need of a Treasurer.  The Chairman would welcome a volunteer to take over                     this role.


A Planning sub-committee reports to the Committee.  The sub-committee reviews all Planning                Applications relating to Listed Buildings (and those that will affect their setting) and for buildings within    Hereford’s Conservation Areas.  This sub- committee has five members (2 Trustees and 3 Members)      and meet monthly (currently on-line using zoom).  Following approval, the committee’s                        recommendations are formally submitted to Herefordshire Council, the planning authority.


The committee welcomes input from members and their drawing the Society’s attention to other matters effecting “PLACE” not only within the historic core of the city, but also in the surrounding conurbation/ countryside.


         The Society is supportive of measures that improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and the                   adoption of nationally recognised Active Transport initiatives.  The committee would welcome the                     formation of a Transport sub-committee. 


         Interested members please contact the chairman.

Postal Address:  21 Venns Lane, Hereford.  HR1  1DE

Telephone:  01432 371663 / 07942 503347