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St Owen's Street

Scheme Objectives


To provide a safe cycle route from the east of the city into the city centre

To improve the ease and safety for pedestrians crossing St Owen Street

To improve the safety of vehicles using parking bays along St Owen Street


The committee's view, having  been involved in the recent consultation process as  a 'stakeholder is :

Option C is the best - this has full contraflow for Mill St as well as a better junction at Cantilupe/St Owen St (both outcomes of the stakeholder meeting).
Option A has the full contraflow - good - but the wider the wider junction at Cantilupe/St Owen St - bad.
Option B is the worst - this has the quite ridiculous ‘half length contraflow’ for Mill St  as well as the wider junction at Cantilupe/St Owen St

(stakeholders concerns here were about the speed of traffic turning onto St Owen St and conflict with cyclists).

Update January 2020

Another scheme held up by the Transport Review.  Dur to report in July 2020


Update April 2019

For more information on St Owen's Street Contra Flow consultations see our Hereford Transport Package Consultation document here


UPDATE October 2018

When are we going to see some action? This project has been the subject of three major consultations costing in total over a hundred thousand pounds.

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