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We hear that planning officers are nor referring to the adopted report on Guidelines for Shop Fronts. Is this really true, planning officers are supposed to work to adopted reports? HCS hopes this is not the case – the guidelines, whilst not perfect, provide useful information and must be applied.


John's comments and article below have largely been ignored.


John Faulkner worries about an important part of the background to our City environment


An attractive shop front entices shoppers and provides a backdrop as we move around our City. We have some attractive ones here in Hereford but regretfully some that don’t enhance the street scene or the historic fabric of many of the shops. HCS doesn’t want to take a position on individual signs, nor do we wish to be prescriptive, but we have a set of images here that speak for themselves.We would respectfully suggest that good signage should:·


  • Be an integral part of the shop’s frontage - most shops have a clearly designated panel - avoid being an added on panel.


  • Maintain joinery details in historic buildings.


  • Respect one’s neighbours’ signage in relation to size and colour


  • Restrict protruding and hanging signs and keep in proportion


  • Usually restrict to ground floor areas


We have distributed this article, being featured in our Spring 2014 magazine, to all shop keepers in the City suggesting they review their own signs, and possibly put pressure on their neighbours who they feel don’t help to promote Hereford as an attractive place! Responses were invited.


Click on the image for a slide show of Hereford shop fronts.

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